Stockade – Dossier

Jordan Boyle

Stockade has come a long way since my first pitch, coming up with the concept behind it, maybe two hours before it was due… (time management or checking due dates aren’t my strong point). Since developing the concept I have come up with designs for the cards and a developed set of rules that make the game balanced and fair as well as having world narrative behind it (Eureka Stockade).


Stockade is inspired by theEureka Stockadethat occurred in 1854 in Ballarat Victoria Australia, when the Australian government cracked down on mining by introducing mining licences, as well as having iconic AustralianBush Rangercard inspired The Kelly gang.

Each card is based off someone from around that era (or just in Australian history in general):

Bushrangers– MURDERERS, MADMEN AND OUTLAWS feature prominently in Australia’s early colonial history. The most famous being Ned Kelly and his Kelly…

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