With the recent new up rise “Fall guys” I have decided to highlight how it became so successful in the recent release of August 4th. This genre of game has combined two genres together to expand and link up with new players which has stimulated mass growth. These genres are “party games” and “King of the hill” it, many popular games cross such as Mario party (party game) and” Player unknowns’ battleground” (King of the hill).


To begin the current game has had huge media support.  This is because many social media influencers such as T-fue, The Sideman and MrBeast have streamed and posted videos to promote awareness as to how fun this game is. Many media platforms such as You Tube, Tiktok and Twitch etc, have provide Millions of viewers counts, as shown below it is one of the most popular streamed games at the moment sur passing games such as fortnite and Minecraft.

Digital Artifact

For the Digital artifact I have teamed up with another student in BCM 215 Aliah Walton and we have decided to analysis this game through two different perspectives, from an inexperienced player and experienced player. We plan to analysis and discuss a few key points:

  • The history of Party games (evolution)
  • The games Aesthetic (target)
  • The games levels of difficulty (skills)
  • The market and audience (genres)

We plan to present this our video thought a show case of gameplay while talking to the audience to access the positive and negatives thought our experience. This will be done between a spaced time so we can analysis what we have discovered and what skills we have improved. Out plan for the layout of the video will be:

  • Introduce players
  • Gameplay
  • Review initial thoughts
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis the content
  • Conclude

This will base it on You Tube


Tfue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBdRpZRkkYU

Th sideman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZw_bHRmuXs

Mr Beast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4SQtg0G-2Y


  1. Hi Jacky!

    I think this is a really interesting idea, and I like that you have teamed up with another student to expand the perspective that the DA will show! You mentioned that you will be showing how you both improve with the game over time, it might be a good idea to consider doing multiple videos to show this as well, and it might make it easier for your audience if the content is in smaller pieces. That way you can also theme the videos around the key points you listed in your post!

    If you want to look at smaller creators who are also streaming the game, I would suggest looking at Gus Johnson (https://www.twitch.tv/gusjohnson) and Eddy Burback (https://www.twitch.tv/eddyburback) who have both been playing the game recently too! While talking about the impact that social media has had on the game, the book ‘watch me play’ might help you for academic research into the topic! https://www.google.com.au/books/edition/Watch_Me_Play/ED9hDwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0

    Another tip for you would be to just quickly proofread the post before posting it, as there were a few grammatical errors but it was still overall a great post!

    – Brooke


  2. I have seen so much hype around Fall Guys in the past few weeks especially from Youtubers such as Jacksepticeye (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzPXprvl5Y-Sf0g4vX-m6g) and Markiplier (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_YxT-KID8kRbqZo7MyscQ). Though these are just a couple of the many, like you mentioned are plastered over Tik Tok, Youtube and Twitch.

    I absolutely love the idea of having varying perspectives, especially since all you see online are usually the experienced gamers playing to win. This article by the conversation is super recent about the rise in watching other people play games online which could be interesting and worked into you DA to bring it full circle back to BCM215 (https://theconversation.com/crucible-the-science-behind-why-watching-others-playing-video-games-has-become-so-popular-139190).

    As you mentioned how unique the aesthetics for fall guys is, I also looked into why aesthetics are so important to game design and how it entices gamers and non gamer to play. This journal article (http://www.digra.org/wp-content/uploads/digital-library/09287.17350.pdf) breaks down that they mean when talking about game aesthetics.

    I can’t wait watch this DA unfold!


  3. Hey Jacky! I love your idea in your pitch and it is good to hear that you had formed a group with other students which can broader the range of views and knowledge that can be applied to your DA project. For your topic – Fall guys, it is a good game to choose, because Fall guys are very popular recently. In your pitch, you have clearly listed out all the contents that you will discover in the DA. As you mention, you want to talk about a different perspective, I think you can talk about the game and level design or if you want to have a deeper look at the perspective of the designer, here is the link: https://blog.prototypr.io/the-success-of-fall-guys-from-a-designers-perspective-e6324e9efbea (article)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTQh0mN9XL8 (video)
    I have found a really interesting video which is a non-gamer to plays fall guys:

    Overall, I’m very looking forward to your project!!!

    – Jessie


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