BCM215 Comment Reflection

Tout ira bien

Reading through people’s DA pitches, it’s difficult to find a favourite. I picked a league of legends blog post as it was similar to mine, as well as two others that I would not have thought about doing as my own idea, so it was great to get some new info.

Comment link:https://toriswagyblogs.wordpress.com/2020/09/08/pitch-2/

Victoria’s DA is about the game League of Legends and how it run’s off microtransactions. League of Legends is a game I have played for just about six years and I am a huge fan of buying new skins, as a I enjoy supporting the developers of free to play games. She mentions that spending money on the game makes you no better at it, but I believe it should’ve been mentioned that new champions cost in game currency. While you can buy the champions with earnt currency, its actually quite hard to save up for…

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