BCM: 215 Pitch – Is FIFA on a downfall?

Thomas Talevski

FIFA, one of the most popular E sports games out there, with 10 million active players.

In my digital artefact, I will meticulously examine and explore each FIFA from FIFA 14 onwards, in a challenge of subjectviely fidning which FIFA I personally enjoy the most, while answering the question of whether the overall user experience within the game has imrproved or declined over the past 6 years.

What brought this topic to my attention was my lack of enjoyment from the game year after year of playing. I knew I could not have been the only one to experience such poor gameplay, and an interface that was completely bland and uninspiring. In March of this year, it was said that two pro fifa players had to decide their final game via a virutal rock,paper and scissors game due to the video games difficulty with connecting their indikvual users to the…

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