BCM215 Contextual Blog. The Emergence of Microtransactions

To be able to completely analyse the game media texts and create blog posts every week I must be academically and financially aware of why microtransactions exists in the video game world. I must research accordingly before creating each weekly blog post and will have relevant references from scholarly articles that reinforce my writing embedded in these posts.

After searching the web, there is an abundance of news articles that go into depth about the issues of microtransactions. This highlights that there is reason to believe that my Digital Artefact can be impactful on users. The photo below is the first page of search results that appear. I will also be taking into account some of the other popular media that is relevant to my DA such as video essays on the platform of YouTube, Twitter posts, reddit discussions and more.

An interesting topic I found while searching online is the inclusion of micro transactions in remastered video games. This is an extremely alluring topic that I will be researching more into and definitely will feature in my blog post series. The example I found online was the Crash Bandicoot series that was remastered had added microtransactions into the newest version of the game, which has created conflict between old nostalgic players of the original and the company, Activision. Activision are somewhat of a repeated offender when it comes to monetisation of gaming and I will dive deep into that in the upcoming weeks.

There is some background knowledge that has helped me shape my Digital Artefact idea and will assist my arguments in later blog posts. The academic literature will be linked in the references below, these are ones that I have looked at thus far.

Reference List and Resources

King, C 2016, ‘Forcing Players to Walk the Plank: Why End User Licences Agreements Improperly Control Players’ Rights regarding Microtransactions in Video Games’, William & Mary Law Review, vol. 58, no. 4, pp. 1365–1402, viewed 9 September 2020.

Klain, E 2019, ‘This Is Why Video Game Microtransactions Aren’t Going Anywhere’, viewed 9 September 2020. <https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2019/01/23/video-game-accessories-in-game-purchases-and-subscriptions-drove-industry-growth-in-2018/#6cc198043d24>

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