BCM215 – Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

For my critical and self-reflection of comments I looked into 3 very different digital artefact ideas that not only inspired me but helped me implement class content, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding. Below I have summarised each comment I have made on the 3 pitch ideas. I have used my own interpretation on their idea while utilising subject material.

Comment 1

Comment 1 – https://katiemediaworld.wordpress.com/2020/09/07/bcm215-da-pitch-mario-kart-phenoneum/comment-page-1/#comment-132

Katie is using TikTok for her digital media platform. She plans to share screen record her playing Mario Kart, uploading content once a week. She choose this game as it’s the only game is is familiar with. She hopes by sharing her experience others can compare skills and further their knowledge of what features are engaging and nostalgic. To summarise my comment, i contributed by giving further advice on a component she could potentially add to her DA. Mario Kart has developed over the years with new and improved technology so I recommend she contrast and compare from when it began to now and investigate how it’s improved. I also linked a video from TikTok of users implementing the theme song to inspire her or even the idea to recreate the game with skateboards. In regards to my critical self-reflection I believe I contributed by giving actionable suggestions, offering different avenues she could take. I learn’t from Katie that it doesn’t matter if you’re not familiar with video games, you can always incorporate your own passions and interests to the DA in some way.

Comment 2

Comment 2 – https://michaelashales.wordpress.com/2020/09/04/bcm215-da-pitch/comment-page-1/#comment-259

Michaela incorporated a very interesting concept into her DA. She is using video games to outline gender sexualisation. A topic that I have always been interested in therefore I was the perfect person to breakdown her pitch integrating my own ideas. She hopes to breakdown the game  Chapters: Interactive Stories on her iPhone, analysing the games characters and uploading this work on YouTube. For Michaela’s pitch I contributed but advising her to focus more on the topic of gender sexualisation and less time on working out how the game works in regards to time management. The research I offered was for her to look into the show black mirror particularly on the episode ‘Striking Vipers’ that looks into adult video game fantasy that will complement her concept perfectly. I learn’t from Michaela that gender sexualisation is very prevalent so I look forward to seeing where she goes with this concept.

Comment 3

Comment 3 – https://caseyonline823145293.wordpress.com/2020/09/10/doors-corners-and-stairs/comment-page-1/#comment-312

Casey decided not to focus on a particular game, but games that incorporate the use of doors to add suspense in horror games. Drawing on subject material that I looked into through the readings provided I wanted to provided advice on the process of working on game media analysis. We learn’t in class that it’s very important to map the basic features of the text and paratext. Therefore, I advised her to also look into how the games she is interpreting is received by other audience members other than herself which is what she planned to do. The actionable suggestion I provided was for her to look into websites such as reviews, mods, cosplay or wiki for more insight. I did some research for her and found this website for her to look into https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/.

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