BCM215 Pitch

Life in the Fields

For my BCM215 project I am planning on making a video essay about photo modes in video games. I am an avid player of the Skate series and Steep, all of which have vibrant communities online dedicated to sharing related content.

My current job is being filmed as a ‘model’ snowboarder for Perisher Resort. This job involves going snowboarding with a camera team to create content for the resorts advertising, socials and website. The community r/Steep is dedicated almost entirely to sharing screenshots and videos from the skiing and snowboarding game Steep. I am fascinated by how accurate/inaccurate this is compared to my work for Perisher. I also love the game series Skate, and have found quite a bit of traction sharing my clips to the r/Skate3 subreddit.

Other game photo modes that I am interested in are FarCry 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 as they have…

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