Comment Critical Self Reflection

Casey Lydia

Critical self reflection is a highly important tool in our rapidly changing digital world, both on a personal and professional level. Dishon, Oldmeadow, Critchley and Kaufman (2017) describe how personal reflection plays a central role in the development of the self.Through analysing the feedback I have provided on the digital artefact pitches of Ashlan, Grace and Laura, I have been able to better understand this notion.

Ashlanโ€™s digital artefact concept explores the relationship between marketing and gaming culture. Her project methodology is through blog posts and her project utility is in providing information for those interested in game culture marketing. I contributed to her work through discussion of actionable changes she could make to progress her project. I evaluated her need to find a niche audience through segmentation and emphasised the importance of following a FIST principle in her project development. To support this perspective I linked twoโ€ฆ

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