Comment Reflection. BCM215

As apart of my contribution to the subject, I commented on three vastly different Digital Artefact pitches, Hussein, Kurt and Yidi.

COMMENT 1: Hussein Hijazi

Hussein’s DA is focused on mobile application game reviews in which he will be reviewing a different titled game each week depending on what his audience decides. You can check out his DA here. I contributed to his Digital Artefact by giving him an example of a feedback loop by tapping into mobile application sub-reddits to attract a following of that niche. This way Hussein could gain a small, yet reliable audience that can provide feedback for him. Before watching Hussein’s pitch, I hadn’t heard of the difference between game journalism and game criticism and have always thought they were the same thing. This helped me learn something about the game review niche that I could potentially utilise in my Digital Artefact.

Some research suggestions I offered Hussein were for him to look into other game reviewers on WordPress and YouTube to see what they are effectively doing, how they are breaking the mould and being unique and a fresh take on a saturated market. This could start stimulating some creative ideas for Hussein for a way for him to look at building an engaged following.

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Here is my comment on Hussein’s blog

COMMENT 2: Kurt Dixon

What I contributed to Kurt and Boswell’s pitch is two research articles suggestions, the first was a topic that went into depth about the cultural appropriation argument in the Assassins Creed games. The second article was a reddit discussion thread, and although the OP deleted the post, the discussion underneath is relevant and interesting to the topic. As their pitch was based around historical relevance and aesthetics, the aesthetics in these games isn’t something that has stood out immensely to me, upon viewing of this video, it has opened my eyes into the vast detail that Ubisoft have put into these projects. You can check out Kurt and Boswell’s DA here.

Another suggestion I left in my comment about how to attract an engaged audience is for them to use the YouTube platform to look at the side-by-side comparison of the in-game graphics and real-life photos to see if there are any differences. I believe this could be an interesting take to do. Furthermore, I went on to say that they should look into having some AC fans interact with your videos, join in on the discussion and get their opinion on the historical correctness of these games. I believe this would promote healthy engagement and feedback from their audience as I state in the comment. I learnt from there pitch that Assassins Creed actually has a lot of historically accurate times and places, and it will be very interesting to see where they take this concept.

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Here is my comment on Kurts blog

COMMENT 3: Yidi Weng

I learned a lot from Yidi’s pitch, I had heard of this online phenomenon of ‘Animal Crossing’ but I never bothered to research on it until watching her video. Her DA is an extremely interesting and a well thought-out process. Some research advice and suggestions I gave to her in the comment mainly revolved around look into looking at how the audience interacts with the game depending on age and playing platform. I told her it’d be fascinating to possibly see if the playing experiences varies much due to age, or if its consistently the same. I then linked an article on the rapid-rise of Animal Crossing and its impact on the world to show her some of the other ways Animal Crossing is played around the world.

One of the more important suggestions I gave Yidi was try to avoid Wikipedia as it can sometimes not be a reliable source and can provide false information at times. I told Yidi to possibly look at promoting her DA on more social media platforms to maximise that engagement and therefore initiate better feedback. You can check out Yidi’s DA here.

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My comment on Yidi’s blog

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