Comment 1: The representation of history in the assassins creed franchise

My comment:

Hey Kurt, even though I have never played assassins creed before, I’ve got to say that this DA which you and Boswell are developing seems like it definitely going to be an exciting venture for the BCM215 digital artefact! It is so interesting to see how you guys are taking the perspective of the representation on the history in the assassins creed franchise as your primary focus. It’s refreshing to see how your DA isn’t just based around the game but will also present information on the history of the assassins creed franchise while also examining the role of video games and using assassins creed as the primary point for this project. I think a beneficial tool which you could use to identify relevant and strong sources to your topic is utilising google scholar! Whenever I am looking for information google scholar provides endless amounts of history and information on a specific topic.

When using youtube as a platform, I think a really cool thing which you could utilise could be trying and testing out live streams to see if it interests your audience. Personally, I enjoy watching live streams on YouTube when I am bored! Maybe it is something which may interest you guys to try out.

Can’t wait to see how you guys go with this project! Great job and best of luck!

Link to Kurt and Boswell’s pitch:

When first watching Kurt and Boswell’s pitch, I was instantly drawn in by their pitch video and how well thought out and professional it was! One thing which I suggested to Kurt and Boswell was utilising the features which YouTube holds. Explicitly using the YouTube live feature, this was because YouTube was going to be their primary platform for their digital artefact. The main reason I suggested YouTube live was because that it could be a good way for Kurt and Boswell to build engagement on their DA and to be able to engage with the audience which they will build on their platform. Youtube live could allow Kurt and Boswell to communicate with each other and their audience at the same time, hence allowing Kurt and Boswell to know what their audience may enjoy in terms of the content which they are producing. Kurt and Boswell have definitely put a lot of thought into their digital artefact and the topic which they are interested in. I am really excited to see how they go and to keep up with the content which they end up producing!

Comment 2: The Emergence of Microtransactions

My comment:

Hey, Leo really interesting blog post and pitch video! It was really interesting to see how you explained the research techniques which you will use for this topic on microtransactions. It is always good knowing what you have to do for each blog post and understanding the information which you are releasing every week. To see that you are going to be utilising scholarly articles in your blog post is an excellent idea; you can’t go wrong with that!

With this specific topic on microtransactions, had you maybe thought of creating and curating your own memes or giphs for your blog posts? I think it would add a really cool point of view so that each weeks post can maybe have a meme or giph based around the weekly topic and post which you write about. This might also allow your posts to be more aesthetic for your audience!

If you are interested in seeing many different viewpoints about microtransactions here is a fascinating read which I had found: ( ) This source discusses why microtransactions are controversial, legislation action, why developers use microtransactions and many more points which may assist you in understanding this topic to a new extent!

Great job on identifying your topic clearly, I look forward to keeping up with your weekly posts!

Link to Leo’s pitch:

For Leos DA I was really intrigued by the topic which he had chosen for his digital artefact! A suggestion which I had given to Leo was to create his own original giphs and memes which would relate to his weekly blog posts. The primary reasons why I suggested this was to allow Leo to visualise how creating his own memes and giphs could allow for his posts to have a different and unique feel to them and allow for his perspective on his topic to be portrayed through a different type of medium.

I had also provided this interesting read to Leo which I had come across ( Reason being so is because this reading had illustrated some really interesting points about microtransactions. From mentioning what microtransactions are, why so controversial, legislative action, what analyst are saying, why do developers use microtransactions and whats the future of microtransactions. The reasoning behind why I linked this reading to Leo is to allow Leo to see the different sides to microtransactions. So he could see how microtransactions are not submerged to one specific aspect but can portray various features to do with the topic based around microtransaction. I am definitely interested in seeing the content which Leo produces on a weekly basis.

Comment 3: Doors, Corners and Stairs

My comment:

Hey Casey, this is honestly such a cool DA idea! As a horror movie fan, I can definitely see why you are taking the viewpoint of looking at doors, corners and stairs, such an interesting and exciting concept for this digital artefact! It’s so cool to see how you are doing a DA where you are going to let your audience come along with you on your journey and to let people see your pure reaction to the games you choose to play.

To see that you are focusing on the 3 points of Physical Design, Placement during a game and What happens before, during and after approaching is so fascinating! These 3 points seem like they would cover so much ground on this topic which you have chosen!

I was wondering if for this DA if you had thought of writing up a summary on how you think the game is going to be before you actually play it. So for example, it could be like: what you expect the game to be like, if you think the game will scare you and just the basic things on what you imagine it’s going to be like. Then when you’ve finished, reflect and see if your perceptions were right. It would be really cool to see how you imagine it’s going to be and how it actually is.

Here is a really cool video which conveys ten creepy video games for horror fans, ( ) I found this video interesting because it portrayed what horror games are actually like and what type of games are out there!

Im really looking forward to keeping up with your digital artefact, great job!

Link to Casey’s pitch:

with Casey’s digital artefact, I was immediately intrigued by the idea which she had come up with! One suggestion I made to Casey was that she could write a short summary of her expectations on a game before she plays it. This was so that Casey can provide her audience with her thoughts on how she thought the game could possibly be and then when Casey plays the game she could be able to reflect on her expectations to see if it was what she thought it was going to be. I made this suggestion so that Casey could reflect and see how her expectations could align or differ from her original thoughts, and to see her predictions throughout her whole digital artefact and the content which Casey is producing.

I had also provided a link to a youtube video ( This video conveyed ten creepy video games for horror fans. With this video which I suggested to Casey I had found it really interesting because it gave a good representation of how horror games are and what type of games are out there. I was hoping to provide Casey with a point of view on how horror video games are and to also enable Casey to see a real perspective into horror video games and how they can all be so different. I am definitely excited to see the content which Casey produces during this semester!

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