comment reflection – bcm215

Emma Jenkins

Emma’s digital artefact is incredibly unique and interesting. Not only do I think it would gather a large audience due to just plain entertainment, I believe it is an interesting viewpoint to take on game analysis through the lens of the in-experienced. It really outlines how important the first 15 minutes of gameplay is when one considers the aspect that It needs to accumulate an audience in that time period. Not only do I believe this digital artefact idea is a unique exploration into the non-gamer perspective of game media text analysis, but i believe it is a FIST (fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny) method of creating a Digital Artefact. I believe Emma will need to focus on a formalism/structural theoretical framework to thoroughly and effectively analyse things like game narrative/genre, psychoanalysis and historic contributions to a game.

Ashlen Rose

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Ashlen’s combination of her personal interest/career path and gaming resonates with my own artistic adventure into Breath of the Wild. I really enjoyed her video and her thorough background research to explain her methodology techniques with factors that she will be considering. I think that this is a really pivotal lens to be analysing within game media texts, as the delivery of the text via the media before the fact is one of the primary reasons an audience could be attracted to a game. I would really like to see whether differences in the budget amounts for games creates an impact on the effectiveness/successfulness of the games receival. I believe this investigation will be extremely beneficial for not only Ashlen’s own experience in her particular career path, but everyone absorbing the information will be recognised to the importance of digital marketing industries in general; beyond the gaming world. I provided Ashlen with a few different sources to look at in which she could make connections and distinguish differences in successfully marketed games, in addition to utilising pivotal elements to a successfully marketed game within her textual analysis. 

Hannah Kairuz

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Hannah’s digital artefact research topic is one I actually hadn’t heard of before. I had to look up the definition of ‘bootleg games’ to grasp a small understanding and even then I couldn’t comprehend how that was even legal! Perhaps my understanding is still not fully there however I think that hannahs topic is really beneficial to us as an audience to understand these types of games that are existing in the gaming world. Because I did not know much about it I couldn’t make much help in finding sources for Hannah to use because I was still confused by the topic so I am thoroughly looking forward to the blog series to correct my understanding more. I believe Hannah’s investigation is not only a new and innovative direction to partake in but a beneficial subject to delve into for the knowledge of the audience. It is a topic that will draw audiences back for more.

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