Pitch Comments for BCM 215

Bees and Bells

Paige’s Graphic Pitch

Links: Sonic the Hedgehog “Classic”, 24 Sonic Games, 24 Consoles, Sega doubled sales, Post Digital Games: The Influence of Nostalgia in Indie Games’ Graphic Regime

When offering the suggestion for Paige to also explore the devices and consoles the game’s graphics are presented on I was drawing from information the week 1 lecture where the different elements of game media was discussed. The software (platforms, code, programs), hardware (game console, servers, social interaction) and the content (visual design, world-building, character design) work hand in hand, therefore when Paige is discussing the content and the reasons behind the aesthetics it would be useful to analyse how the console impacts this.

I wanted to provide an engaging example of this impact through the example of Sonic the Hedgehog and how the design reverted back to the “classic” style whilst being on fast powered high-quality new consoles…

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