BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch – Easter eggs, secrets and concealed subtleties in games

The Jono Journal

If the term Easter egg makes you consider hunting down concealed jokes, details, messages, pictures and stores in video games and not the easter holiday, then welcome to my digital artefact! Finding an Easter egg in a video game can leave you confused, amused or even creeped out but that doesn’t make the catch any less fun! It seems like developers just can’t help themselves. The term was instituted around 1979 by Steve Write, director of software development in the Atari consumer division to “portray a shrouded message in the Atari computer game experience”

Who doesn’t adore Easter eggs!? These shrouded little mysteries that are either silly odd or a callback to a previous instalment alongside the opportunity of a crossover from another establishment. There’s generally a bundle of secrets in each game release and I’m certain that there are plenty of hidden gems still concealed in our favourite games…

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