Marketing in the Gaming Industry – PART 1

Ashlan Rose

Want to learn more about marketing in the gaming industry? Maybe, you’re in the process of putting together a marketing strategy for the launch of your own game?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to my 3 part blog series about digital marketing in the gaming industry. Throughout this blog series, I will be analysing a range of successful marketing campaigns and strategies used in the gaming industry. 

I’m going to start by analysing the 2009 hit game, Angry Birds. Angry Birds was founded in 2009 by Finnish developers and co-owners of Rovio entertainment, Mikael and Niklas. The app launched in 2009, and not long after was showcased on the UK app store as “game of the week.”
Most individuals would know this hit game for its cartoon pigs and flying birds. But Rovio has taken the game further and created an entire entertainment industry around…

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