BCM215 Marketing in the Gaming Industry

Ashlan Rose

Hi everyone! Welcome to my beta presentation for BCM215.

You can view my presentation below.

In the week 8 lecture, Chris Moore explores the analytical framework in terms of video games and participatory media culture. Moore explores the text Computer games as participatory media culture by J Raessens (2005). The text explores how play is productive, and any time you enjoy wasting, was in fact, not a waste.

In my first two blogs of the series, I’ve explored two different types of games.
Angry Birds has been seen as a highly addictive game to users as it’s enjoyable. Some may see this game as a time waster, but if it’s enjoyable, then it’s not a waste of time according to Raessens. Steven Grant (chief of the clinical neuroscience department at the National Institute on drug abuse in Bethesda, Maryland), discusses how dopamines mechanism kicks in when something happens that…

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