BCM215 – BETA Lauren

In addressing the analytical framework I look to the week 8 lecture that examines participatory media cultures. What I was particularity interested in the idea that play is active and productive which supports my opinion on benefits of gaming. In order to make meaning there needs to participation. Nintendogs is productive in a sense that children are learning the ways of responsibility and caring for something. Thus, the idea that games can be seen as unproductive is not entirely true.

I really enjoyed reading Marthe Troly-Curtins book Phynette Married especially when she expresses “the time you enjoyed wasting was a not wasting time” (Marthe Troly-Curtin, 1912). In this technological society children in many ways will struggle to avoid ipads and DSs but finding ways to benefit their growth and maturity, shouldn’t make it feel like wrong doing. To support this idea I looked to Johan Huizinga book Homo Luden that investigates the play-element in culture. Like I mentioned in my pitch gaming can involve psychological, emotional, cognitive and physical functions that are needed within all humans. (Johan Huizinga, 1938). I hope being more open to my research it will allows us to be more open to future possibilities that could benefit us in a positive way.

I wanted to look to individuals that could grasp my concept in a similar way to me. I set up a survey with a variety of questions to give me an insight into other peoples experiences gaming. From what I predicted the results compliment my research so I look forward to seeing what what direction my research takes me 

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