BCM215 Beta

Life in the Fields

My BCM215 project explores the concept of photography modes in video games, specifically in relation to Skate 3 and Steep. I have chosen this as I am passionate about the sports relating to these games, I enjoy photography and I love the games.

I am lucky enough to work in the media team for a ski resort, with my job to work as a model/athlete have photos taken of me snowboarding. This is coincidentally the exact aim of the photo mode in steep. Which brings me to this video essay, comparing photography of action sports in simulation games and reality.

To beta this project I have been sharing content on Reddit in r/Steep, r/Skate3 and r/Snowboarding.

I received lots of positing feedback from these subreddits and plenty of evidence that other users use the game to simulate real life activities, as well as practice in-game…

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