(beta) ScapeVScape: progress


beta video.

Beta Video

On the 15th of October at 7:45pm, there were 158,074 people playing RuneScape, with 113,371 of those being on Old School RuneScape. That means that 71.72% of the player base was on Osrs, a game made to emulate RuneScape in 2007. Why are these players gravitating to this version of the game?

Video games can form a sentimental bond with the players, which can even by heightened by the feeling of nostalgia. Despite decades of increasingly powerful graphics and complex storylines, interested has not diminished for the simplergamesfrom the early times of videogameindustry, even among those who weren’t even alive at the time (Gaughen 2014.).

My digital artefact, ScapeVScape, aims to analyse why players are reaching for Osrs over Rs3 by using the analytical framework of Aesthetics, Modality and Nostalgia. All of the factors influence each other, with improved…

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