Cooking With Cooking Mama Beta

Bees and Bells

As you peel, chop and boil your way through Cooking Mama you might start to wonder why your are enjoying the most tedious part of making food. Similarly with cooking videos, as although you have no desire to make a dish you still consume the content. This is called “vicarious consumption” and can be experienced in gameplay alone or by watching cooking videos such as my Cooking Mama recipe recreations.

Kirkwood explains “vicarious consumption” as the enjoyment of food media as a substitute for cooking that is expensive, time consuming, unhealthy or hard. Since the original utility for my cooking account was to provide recipes that were cheap, easy, nutrious and quick I have continued to follow this presence for my Cooking Mama videos. I hope this bridges the gap between the motives of watching my content, whether it is “vicarious consumption” or for…

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