For my digital artefact, one key thing which I was not able to fit into the video was how I was going to document my processes of when I am playing fall guys and experiencing the different obstacles and different levels to the game.

I will be doing this buy, including screenshots of when I play, I have actually done this for my most recent blog post which was reviewing the seesaw obstacle on the fall guys game. I will also be screen recording every obstacle I play, and I will be posting it on my blog site with the review which I write. This is because I will be mainly speaking about everything which I observe in the different challenges and different obstacles.

The main reasoning as to why I have decided to use this as a method of documentation was because I am hoping to create discussion in the comment sections of my posts, if a fall guy player were to see how I played that specific round they may be intrigued to comment and provide tips, or even be empowered to share their personal experiences with the game, I do hope to utilise the comment section to help engagement practices on my post.

Below I have provided the screenshots and screen-recording which I had taken when playing the game for one of my recent reviews which I had done. I have provided these to give a rough idea of how my documentation process will work.


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