Critical Self-Reflection of Comment Pt.2 (BCM215)

- trying to adult -

The three comments below are a summary of my thoughts on my classmate’s digital artefact beta videos.

Lydia’s digital artefact is about children playing video games and the positive impact it can have on us as a youth. I believe that this statement is correct as I believe I benefited from video games as a child. The aspects within both of our artefacts are both quite similar as mine is referring to the nostalgia we have when we play video game remakes. I commented on how Lydia’s digital artefact focuses on developing life skills and healthy lifestyle choices from the Sims games and similar (Sims Free Play, 2018). Finding a job, organising finances, looking after yourself are features of the Sims and incorporate what Lydia explains are “key benefits of video games for child development”. These include problem-solving skills, making friends, encouraging exercise, embracing competition and creativity (Lydiam21, 2020). I…

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