BCM215 comment reflection round 2


I really love Hannah’s DA and I’m glad she changed it to something she’s more familiar with. I really like the comparison in sims 4 and animal crossing horizons because it’s something that has been debated in the gaming community for quite some time (of what’s better). In my comment I suggested that Hannah reach out to her audience after her analysing and see what they think is better designed / player friendly. And then of course it would be really interesting to see hat she personally thinks which design is better, realism or surrealism. I provided some resources I found comparing sims and animal crossing for Hannah to use as well. Hannah’s seems to be looking at a structural theoretical framework therefore I think research on the actual designers of each game and how they approached design differently would be helpful.


I believe Emma’s Among Us DA is very entertaining and popular right now. I love how she evolved into looking at just Among Us from a non gamer perspective because I think her previous plan was a bit too broad. I suggested to Emma to look at the sudden rise of popularity and success around Among Us and why it happened, since she seems to be approaching it with a post-structuralism framework. I think the videos that Emma talks about are all very relevant and accurate to her analysis, I believe her DA would benefit from researching the hype around Among Us and why that’s different to animal crossing (as animal crossing new horizons was released during the pandemic whereas Among Us was not). I provided Emma with some articles on what caused the rise of success for among us to get her started. 


Again I still really relate to Ashlan’s DA and her collaborating her interests and career passion with the assignment. I have learnt a lot about marketing and digital marketing through reading her blog posts. Ashlan is very organised and on time which I aspire to be with my own DA. I suggested for ashlan to look into the difference in marketing strategies and campaigns when it concerns different mediums of games (app vs console vs pc). I would be really interested to find out if there is a difference and why that is. I am very much looking for her blog post in unccessfu” marketing campaigns because I think that would really assist her audience in finding out why NOT to do. I provided her with some resources on digital marketing evolved from traditional marketing since she said she was looking into that.

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