BCM215 Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Ashlan Rose

This week I was able to choose three individuals to give feedback on for their BCM215 BETA presentations. It was interesting to see the iterations they have made in their digital artefacts and how they have evolved and improved over the last few weeks.

In my first pitch feedback blog, I explained the sandwich technique I use when commenting on my peers digital artefacts. I have continued to use this technique to create constructive and positive comments to encourage further improvements.

Tegan has decided to research the topic of horror video games. She is researching why gamers decide to continually consume media that scared and disturbs them. She is researching horror games and investigating why gamers thrive off the feeling from playing these types of games. Tegan is displaying her research through an instagram profile.
I’ve provided Tegan with a few suggestions to further improve her project, I suggested…

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