Kurt’s Beta

Link to kurt’s beta: https://kurtinho274753364.wordpress.com/2020/10/16/playing-history-beta-digital-artefact-blog-post/

Link to my comment on Kurt’s blog post: https://kurtinho274753364.wordpress.com/2020/10/16/playing-history-beta-digital-artefact-blog-post/#comment-18

My comment:

Hey Kurt, I have to say a good job to how you and Boswell have gone about this whole project which you guys are undertaking. It seems like you guys have made great progress with the project as a whole.

I thought the heading in this blog post, which explained your analytical framework was really interesting. Your developed analytical framework has extensive information and also contributes a significant amount of content to your digital artefact. It is really cool to see how your analytical framework provides extensive detail to your project and what your project is portraying. The information which is conveyed through your analytical framework offers that extra bit of information which makes your project detailed, professionally portrayed and easy to understand as well.

Because you did mention a couple of points about the future of this project I did look into the assassins franchise after reading your blog post, and also seeing how the assassins creed franchise is a point of discussion through various parts of your blog post. I had found this really interesting article which discusses, “what next for the assassins creed franchise” https://www.bosshunting.com.au/culture/whats-next-assassins-creed-franchise/ It definitely discussed some really interesting points about the assassins creed franchise and may assist you guys with the future of your project!

Keep up the good work guys!

Kurt and Boswell’s digital artefact is based around the game, which is known as assassins creed. Their digital artefact focuses on the historical aspect of the game. Something which I did put forward in my comment to Kurt was a link to an article which discusses what’s next for the assassins creed franchise. Because I did recognise that Kurt’s contextual beta blog post did discuss the future of Kurt and Boswell’s project, and the assassins creed franchise, I decided to look into the game itself and the franchise as well. I had come across a really interesting read which could be beneficial to Kurt and Boswell’s digital artefact. The article discusses the future of a new assassins creed game being released, while also addressing different maps and kingdoms about the game. I had provided this article to Kurt so that he can have a look into the long run of the game itself, and to allow Kurt to visualise the “what’s next for this project” aspect. In Hopes to give Kurt an idea of what could be the next stages for this digital artefact and future ideas of the content which they may want to produce.

Leo’s Beta

Link to Leo’s beta: https://leotwemlow.wordpress.com/2020/10/16/da-beta-contextual-blog-post/

Link to my comment on Leo’s blog post: https://leotwemlow.wordpress.com/2020/10/16/da-beta-contextual-blog-post/#comment-70

My comment:

Hey Leo, really good job on the progress which you have made so far for your digital artefact. I think the way which you have tweaked your analytical framework will make your future posts for your digital artefact that bit more interesting. I think looking at the different perspectives of microtransactions and conveying the pros and cons of the consumers and developers will add a juxtaposed view into the blog posts which you present. What I mean by this, is that it will be interesting to observe how each perspective, the positives and negatives will be conveyed and how they will differentiate through your blog posts.

Reddit is definitely one of the top platforms on receiving feedback; however, I think a different form of obtaining feedback could be expanding across other social media platforms to collect feedback and information, utilising multiple platforms at the same time may allow you to reach different demographics when aiming to obtain feedback. For example, you can join Facebook groups which may discuss all things microtransactions and communicate with users who are also interested in microtransactions. This may give you different forms of information, different perspectives and could provide information and feedback which Reddit may not be providing.

Here is an interesting read which I had come across, it is titled “11 games ruined by microtransactions” https://www.cinemablend.com/games/11-Games-Ruined-By-Microtransactions-84117.html I found this fascinating because it focused solely on the point of games which had been ruined by microtransactions. This may assist you in seeing a whole different side to the world of microtransactions.

Leos digital artefact is based around microtransactions in games. One point which I did convey to Leo in my comment was expressing how utilising Reddit is an excellent way of obtaining feedback and information. Although Reddit is a great platform, I did suggest to Leo on possibly extending his method of receiving feedback to other social media platforms. Reason being so, is using multiple platforms to research microtransactions may lead to a new and differentiated form of feedback which can be used for Leo’s DA, utilising different social media platforms may lead to obtaining different types of information which may be beneficial to Leo’s DA. Utilising different platforms to source certain things can allow for new perspectives to be formed.

I had also provided an article which basically discussed 11 games which have been ruined by microtransactions. By providing this article, I was hoping Leo to see a whole different side to microtransactions and for Leo to observe how microtransactions have both their pros and cons in various types of games.

Hannah’s Beta

Link to Hannah’s beta: https://swoon.home.blog/2020/10/15/animal-crossing-the-sims/

Link to my comment on Hannah’s blog post: https://swoon.home.blog/2020/10/15/animal-crossing-the-sims/#comment-218

My comment:

Hey Hannah, my situation with my DA was pretty similar to yours, I think it’s great to go through these changes and finding something which you actually enjoy. Finding something which intrigues and motivates you is the best result which can come out of these changes.

I think it’s really cool how you are using a mixture of videos and written posts. It definitely allows your DA to stand out to a new extent and allows the content which you are producing to be more appealing for your audience.

I think a cool feature which you could add to your blog posts would be adding screen recordings of when you play the sims and animal crossing. This is a technique which I have recently started using for my DA in hopes to spark conversation in the comment sections of my blog posts, to get gamers together and to discuss the game which I am reviewing and playing. This may be a cool little feature you might want to trial with your blog posts.

I was wondering if you have ever considered writing short personal points on these games. For example, you can write things you enjoy about these games, or you can write things you dislike. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, just a couple of sentences. I think it would be really cool to convey your own thoughts and opinions – because when I see anything in general about games, I enjoy seeing what the writer of the game has to say and to see what their personal thoughts and thought processes were about a specific game.

Hannah’s digital artefact consists of the two games which are known as the sims and animal crossing. For Hannah’s digital artefact, I did suggest that she could maybe screen record her self playing the sims and animal crossing. I had recently started doing this for my DA; the reason I suggested this to Hannah was that it might be able to spark conversation between gamers who enjoy the sims and animal crossing. I suggested this to hopefully give Hannah an idea of a way which she may be able to create and encourage engagement on her posts. For example, if someone were to see how Hannah plays the game, they may give pointers and tips on things which they do when playing the game, hence creating conversation and engagement.

I did also suggest for Hannah to write a couple of sentences on her own personal thoughts and opinions about these games in her blog posts. I think it could be an opportunity for Hannah’s audience to get to know what Hannah likes or dislikes about animal crossing and the sims. It could also allow Hannah’s audience to get to know Hannah as a gamer in the settings of these two specific games.

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