Critical Self Reflection of Comments on Beta Reports

Kurt Dixon

For these Beta reports, I provided actionable feedback on the posts of three of my peers; Leo Twemlow, Hussein Hijazi and Lauren Quayle-Blake.

Comment on Leo’s Blog – Microtransactions in Video Games

Leo’s beta report illustrated the good progress he had made on researching the practice of microtransactions in games. I was most impressed by the feedback loop he has been able to establish. He has made considerable effort to better his blogs by seeking advice from Redditors on different subreddits related to his digital artefact. By getting this feedback, he has put himself in a position to produce quality video essays and blogs about microtransactions in video games, something which has enormous social utility due to the importance of the issue. I also really liked the analytical framework he has established to better articulate the different types of microtransactions- Leo will be looking at the positives and negatives from…

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