Critical Self Reflection of Comments part 2

Katie's Blog

Blog 1 – Lydia – Effects of video games

Lydia chose to look into game media of positive and negative outcomes of playing video games. I enjoyed seeing thought put into specifying games towards analysing interactions. By using references it backs up the information providing reliability. Sharing on several platforms utilise growing a large niche audience with the benefits of features on different websites. Overall blogging has enough attention span for viewers to read for a few minutes guided by visuals.

Blog 2 – Ruby’s Game Reviews

Ruby Reviews is about analysing TV Game shows on Netflix. Personally I can relate to Ruby for 1 Not playing video games, 2 enjoying the concept of game shows and 3 lack of motivation. Background research assist in understanding why there is a culture around game shows and still to this day. To encourage engagement with her audience, sparking conversation by questions or…

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