Playing History: Beta

Boswell's Brain

If you’ve been tracking our progress, you will be familiar with the following videos.

Possibly the most difficult aspect of this project has been the video qualities themselves. Our research and discussion have created quite a fun adventure. The feedback from different pools have been incredibly useful and encouraging.

To feed our feedback loop and share our project abroad we started by tweeting our videos and posting them in multiple relevant sub-reddit pages such as; r/homeschool, r/history, r/Assassinscreed, and more along similar lines.

We particularly got suggestions from the history seb-reddits. We also recieved personal opinions and experiences particularly from the Assassin Creed and homeschooler pages.

These were immensely helpful. Kurt and I took all their feedback into consideration for our following and future videos. Especially some homeschoolers suggestions and reflections on their experience. We wanted to do this because homeschoolers use all sorts of tools to…

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