BCM 215 Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Tout ira bien

Comment one: https://musokagames.wordpress.com/2020/10/12/hunting-102-a-lesson-in-possible-failure-now-we-aussie-it/comment-page-1/

While I was impressed with Mitches research, I didn’t get to see a lot of what he had to offer, the fact that his microphone had broken was a huge shame as it was a project I was looking forward to. While I didn’t have any sort of research to offer him I made a suggestion to take a look at the Far Cry game series if he was to go down the path of acting like Steve Irwin, I know it’s a big thing to ask as he’s already on his way to doing his DA but incorporating other games into it could be something that could work well as I know doing a game like Far Cry could offer some help into getting those Cinematic shots he is after. I tried to engage more with his DA over my comments on previous pitches by offering…

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