BCM215 Comments pt.2

Something About Aliah


Asher’s digital artefact combines his love for snowboarding and skateboarding in both real life, and video game related, with his interests in photography. He does this by using the photo mode in the video games Skate 3 and Steep to capture shots of his character, of which he can parallel to his own personal photos. Asher is then sharing this content to Reddit in order to gain some feedback and create a loop.

It is really interesting to see this beta in comparasion to the pitch, as with the pitch there was defintely a lot less direction, and my inexperience with photo modes created a barrier in my understanding. However, now being able to see the beta and have examples of the work, I find this project to be insanely interesting and different. Although personally I have very little interest in snowboarding, video games or photo modes, I would…

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