BCM215 Contextual Report and Cover Page

Leo's Life

Leo Twemlow

University of Wollongong

Communications and Media

BCM215 Game Media

Assessment: Digital Artefact + Contextual Report

Tutor: Richard Hall

Link to My Digital Artefact here

Contextual Report

Feedbackand Iteration Cycle

My project over the course of this semester has not fluctuated immensely, however, I was given some extremely important feedback on my pitch video from peers and my tutor. The salient theme throughout my feedback was to refine my analytical framework. My original framework was simply to look at the microtransactions from an ‘unbiased’ standpoint and didn’t really have any theory or backbone to this. So after altering and iterating my project, I changed it to looking at microtransactions through two different perspective in an argument format. Looking at monetisation through the developers eyes vs the consumers eyes.

This feedback was extremely helpful as in my beta video, the marks and comments given back to me on…

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