BCM 215 contextual report

Jacky Wu 6526597

Analytical framework

My cooperative Digital artifact with Aliah was aimed to critical analysis two different levels of experience in a gaming environment with an experienced player and non-experience player. We assessed the experience thought two games Fall Guys and Among us, we displayed this thought two blog post and record gameplay footage of both our experience. We aimed to assess our journey throughout the last three months of active game play.

Analytical review / limitations

We acknowledged that many people at different levels of experience, however we tested how these impacted players ability to acknowledge games aesthetic, interactive experience, and ability to adapt to a new game. We examined this thought the interviews, visual documentation and verbal communications thought our game play. When recording our game play Aliah’s computer had many issues which limited the quality of our DA, she had issue on the quality of the footage and audio ultimately affecting our videos.


Aliah and I have a very different gaming background. Aliah has a basic knowledge of the gaming industry, she has played a few PS4 games but rarely played games growing up, to add Aliah mention she does in fact enjoy playing games but only games she could win. Aliah clearly showcases she is not experience in video games but is open to playing. Comparing to myself, I have played games throughout my up bring from playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 and crash bandicoot on the PS2. Games have had huge impact on my life, its always been a great time away from the chaotic event from school, sports, and other events. 

Aesthetic and Game concept analysis

We used Falls Guys and Among us examine our gaming experience, both these games display a great analytical base because of the popularity and overall positive feedback from the gaming community. Both these games generated a big statistical spike in popularity convincing myself and Aliah to choose these games thought ideas and concepts of both games. These games both have been designed to connect to a larger community with a strategical design to attract users from a greater scene.  

Response to feedback

My feedback from Aliah allowed me to analysis how nonexperience players encounter games in a different level, I interviewed Aliah and discussed her adaptability and levels of difficulty within these games. The interview allowed me to explicitly assess what aspects Aliah did and did not like, what issues she learnt and discovered thought our journey, to add the gameplay allowed me to capture her improvements thought her experiences.

Thing to improve

Overall, I was impressed with the work I done; I was happy to work with Aliah. But I felt that I need to work more on my analytical framework and documentation of digital artifact, I wish we started a fortnightly  series YouTube and together advertised our gameplay to potentially gather as small following to gain a better interaction with people in the community.

Background research

I investigated the statistical boom of both these games and how they managed to explode in popularity over past recent months. I studied the mechanics and design aspects thought the articles, analysis videos and statistical graphs. This provide me with greater understanding of how Mediationic and InnerSloth development one of the biggest games in 2020.

DA links

Blog post 1 – Fall Guys: https://somethingaboutaliah.wordpress.com/2020/10/01/new-gamer-vs-pro-gamer-an-experience-pt-1/

Blog post 2 – Among us: https://somethingaboutaliah.wordpress.com/2020/10/13/new-gamer-vs-pro-gamer-an-experience-pt-2/


Falls guys statistic:  https://steamcharts.com/app/1097150

Among Us statistic: https://steamcharts.com/app/945360

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