Contextual Report – 215 Digital Artefact

Boswell's Brain

Ideation + Concept

The concept for this Digital Artefact comes from a place of fascination for both history and games. As a homeschooler I had the opportunity to create unique fun learning experiences. From watching documentaries and tv shows to playing digital and physically active games, I had a unique opportunity to be creative with my learning.

The concept for this Project was to engage with the Assassin Creed franchise as a potential historical teaching utility for homeschoolers.

One particular source of inspiration for me was tv show Good Game Spawn Point.

Background Research

Research for this started by scouring Youtube for easily accessible historical reviews of the Assassin Creed franchise. Although some existed, they all targeted the games for their historical flaws rather than encouraging them as tools. They also were not targeted to homeschoolers and thus missed an opportunity.

Following this, each game we analysed had their…

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