Cooking with Cooking Mama – Social Media Digital Artefact

Bees and Bells

@needing.a.feeding on Instagram

Social media and video games both offer a platform for food media, each with their own effect on the player/user. My ongoing Instagram digital artifact “Needing a Feeding” was used to produce my own food media, as I created videos to recreate recipes from the Nintendo game Cooking Mama. From this experience I am analysing the impact and representation food media has on the game Cooking Mama, its place in social media and how my DA contrasted these two different platforms. This is conducted through three dimensions of analysis on how food media impacts vicarious consumption, real life action and its application on different platforms (social media and gaming).

Vicarious Consumption

The notion of vicarious consumption comes from Kirkwood who describes viewers “taste” aspects of food media for enjoyment whilst substituting the aspects of…

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