In the last two blog posts, we’ve covered how mindfulness can improve gaming and how gaming can be a form of mindfulness. This week I’m going to analyse a popular ‘mindfulness’ video game using one of Joost Raessens’ participatory media culture frameworks.

Gamified meditation apps

Gaming is a very engrossing activity. As many players will admit and as we’ve explored in past blog posts, gaming can serve as a way to get you into a ‘flow state,’ a deep and immersive awareness that affects you in all ways.

While there are a few games that actively include meditation, some that aren’t intentionally marketed this way still can be described as mindful or meditative in experience and tone. These games are usually slower-paced, often smaller in scope, and actively try to connect you with specific emotions related to their content. Oftentimes, they explore bigger themes than games usually tackle or…

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