Contextual Report BCM215 | Violent Video Games vs Children

Grace M Boulatouf

My DA was based on the impact that violent video games have on young children when playing them at such a young age. My overall goal was to discover how violent video gams can affect young children from a young ago to growing older. I wanted to find out how their actions and behavioural patterns differ and how their mental stability is due to the violence in video games.

The controversy with what your children can play and which video games are viewed as ‘appropriate’ to our generation has been going on for years. It seems as though video game designers branding the games as either G, PG, Ma15+, R 18+ has only gone so far with trying to different different age groups for appropriate game use. Through this monthly process of trying to gather as much information, academic sources and of course along with my own personal opinions and input, I came up with a conclusion.

Through the constant research and my developed DA, the conclusion was that the impact violent video games had on younger children was significant. The affect it has in their actions can most defiantly cause them to carry it on into their teenage hood. If you take a look into my DA blog posts, my main DA platform which I will link later in this post, I go into further depth about this and my research. It is believed to be best that you should give your children the proper graded video games to suit their age the best and to be the most appropriate for them. This will prevent any behavioural patterns later on such as aggression, verbal and violent behaviour and cussing. It will also slow down their brain activity to act in a certain way which can be perceived as violent.

Here is my DA Blog Posts: •

The public feedback to my DA blog posts had been good and agreeing. I have had personal messages sent to me explaining how they have agreed with my research and have shared their own thoughts and opinions with me. I also found that a lot of my audience agreed with the fact that some video games can be too violent for younger children and can affect their behavioural patterns as some have even seen this happen with their younger siblings, cousins etc.

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