Making Games

Dayle Beazley

Recently our group created a board game titled Deadlines: The Game. This is a real-time card game where you and your team work together to beat a deadline. However, it’s not as easy as it seems! There are many elements which go into collaborative projects, including seedy group members… Work together (or against each other) to beat the deadline and be the #1 student without getting too stressed out.

When creating Deadlines: The Game, our idea started with a theme. Our mutual hatred for group projects (and our own personal build-ups of stress) allowed us to stay on the same page from the day I joined the group. In the first week, the concept of hating group projects and deadlines was established without me. However, when I joined the group the following week I brought forward a few ideas surrounding gameplay.

No description available.
First iteration of our game, using playing cards, paper…

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