Constructing Constructive Feedback

Laura Broker-Towart

Comment 1:

As stated in the audio above I felt it was going to be complex for Madi to try and understand ‘why’ people liked one version of Mario-Kart over the other, so instead suggested that she studies and compares the affordances and limitations of each version, as well as look at the sales of the game to determine which was most successful.

I stated that if she does decide to go with her original idea, that she should not make any big conclusions or general assumptions about why users like one version of the game more. This is because, as I have learnt from this subject and others in the past, it is unethical to make conclusion about ‘everyone’ without sufficient research to back it up the claims.

I also suggested she undertakes a post-structuralist point of view here, as this is what I will be doing for my…

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