Wii U? More Like ‘Pee U’


The success of the Nintendo Wii lies in the approach taken by its developers to not compete with other game companies on their computing capabilities. Rather the foundation of the Wii was to construct a console that could be played by a broad audience through novel gameplay, cornering a market that may have not taken interest in games before. While the move was quite risking, it catapulted Nintendo into the limelight. Within its 6-year reign and beyond, the Nintendo Wii managed to sell 101.63 Million units worldwide, making it the bestselling video game console in history.

But this post isn’t supposed to be about success stories, rather the opposite which takes the form of Nintendo’s next console in line, the Wii U. The stark juxtaposition between the tales of the Nintendo Wii & Wii U led to a dramatic decline in popularity for the games company, but why? The Wii…

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