Participatory Elements of Revisiting PS2 Games

Ashleigh Grentell

My Digital Artefact will take the form of blog posts, wherein I will summarise my experiences of the game media text in relation to my analytical framework. I will reflect on my memories of the games, why I loved them and how these memories tie in with my lived experiences of them now.

Raessens, in his work: ‘Computer Games As Participatory Media Culture’, outlined the specific characteristics of computer games that allow users to become participants. These characteristics are explored below.


My project will exist in the form of a series of blog posts, to be later accompanied by a video essay on Youtube. I will include audio summaries of the blogs so that my users can determine how they interact with my content. I will also collate clips from my experiences of gameplay for my users to view.


My project will be virtual through my process…

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