My Analytical Framework | Nostalgia in DS Games

Georgie O'Brien

Previously, in my pitch video for my digital artefact, I briefly mentioned the analytical framework of which I would be applying to my analysis on nostalgic DS games. Now that I have had the time to further develop my digital artefact, let’s take a closer look at these three concepts.


As quoted in the work of Wildschut et al, nostalgia is defined as “a sentimental longing for the past” (New Oxford Dictionary of English, 1998). Gaming technology is consistently improving, so what makes the games and consoles from our past so enjoyable despite their outdatedness?

The games from our childhood trigger nostalgia because we invest more emotions in playing them—heightened feelings of competitiveness, frustration, joy, and pride (Knoor, A. 2019). What makes video games a powerful tool of nostalgia compared to other elements of our past, is that we have the ability to revisit these games. My…

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