Participatory Media Culture + Nostalgic DS Games

Georgie O'Brien

Using the analytical framework mentioned in my pitch, my digital artefact is the revisiting of my favourite childhood DS games and documentation of my experience through bi-weekly YouTube videos and accompanying blog posts. Professor Joost Raessens identifies two different analytical frameworks in his text “Computer Games as Participatory Media Culture” (2005) which enable user participation. These types and techniques of participation will be explored and applied to my game media text.


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The first technique of participation, multimediality, refers to the combination of multiple types of media. My digital artefact involves a series of YouTube videos with gameplay footage and accompanying audio alongside a contextual blog post consisting of both text and images.


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Raessens refers to virtuality as the possibility to simulate virtual worlds a gamer can explore (Raessens, 2005 pg. 374). Virtuality can be recognised as the online spaces where…

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