BCM215 Digital Artifact Beta

Within the video I mentioned my analytical frame work of narrative and graphics and how those have held high standing into how the major part of me DA has been shaped; what I didn’t mention was nostalgia. Nostalgia is an analytical element that I will be focusing on within the blog posts accompanying my art works. I will look into how the pixel games bring a sense of nostalgia through its play style and graphics as well as the effects these cause to ones outlook and review of the games. 

Across the next 3 weeks I have allocated a set amount of days to work on each blog post for each art work I have completed. I do not intend that the blog posts would take such amount of time to craft, however due to the pandemic I am finding my self lacking motivation, and chose to give myself enough time to complete each.

the blog post was a different story. Unfortunately Friendly Fire was and still proves to be difficult to find any information on, as it is made by a small developer, and almost un-noticed in the scene of other newer pixel games.
However, this set back didn’t stop me from pursuing this game as part of my DA, It just mean that more work will be put into find out about it between the time it’ll be worked on during the next 3 weeks.

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