Nostalgic DS Games: Even BETA Than Before?

Georgie O'Brien

*View part one of my digital artefact here*

As I continue to work on my digital artefact analyzing how nostalgia can affect a player’s gaming experience, I have mapped out my game plan for the remaining four weeks of session to ensure I tick off everything on my to-do list in a timely manner.

My To Do list, created using


The Gantt Chart above displays which tasks I will be focusing on over the remaining four weeks. I have separated my workload across the month in order to achieve each task in a timely manner without exhausting myself in the process.

These tasks have also been sorted into a weekly checklist. Breaking down my workload into weekly chunks makes each task more consumable therefore allowing me to achieve what I need to whilst minimising stress.

Further Research

The following sources will be used to assist in my final…

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