Progress on Behind the Sims

by emma

After my pitch video, I started playing the Sims, recording a ‘Let’s Play’ that was planned to be a part of a series, ‘Seriously Sims’. I realised that I was more interested in developing an analytical piece and not so much records of myself playing the game where I discuss my framework. So, I have refined the pitch plan, cutting out the collection of blog posts of the ‘let’s play’ to focus my attention and effort to research for an analytical digital artefact, a video essay.

I am continuing to play the game to engage with being the Player, which is a part of my analytical triangle, but have aligned my online piece to something I am more interested in investigating, with aim to produce an informative video about ‘How and Why people play the Sims the way they do’. So, I now welcome you to the new and reformed…

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