Reinventing the Farming sim a Progress report

Axel's BlogSpot

Week no.What was completed / will be completed
Week 5Learning Audacity, Davinci Resolve and OBS
Week 6Learnt Audacity, Davinci Resolve and OBS
Week 7Played through Stardew and farming simulator
Week 8Played through graveyard keeper, Farming valley and harvest moon
Week 9Creation of scripts and selection of sections to highlight
Mid-session BreakRecording of highlight sections
Week 10Work on and completion of Beta
Week 11Release of first 2 videos
Week 12Release of final 2 videos
Week 13Completion of DA

Summary of my Analytical Framework

  1. The simpler and more polished graphics within both Stardew Valley and then Graveyard simulator allow the developers to focus on the game itself more than just its appearance. Compared to Farming Simulator 2017 and the Farming Valley mod where more focus is applied to appearance and less on the depth of story and gameplay.
  2. ConcernedApe creating…

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