Beta Version BCM215

I started out by making a plan for my project from week 4 till week 13,  this helped me keep things in perspective.  The only changes i made to my plans were when i got in my peer reviews, those helped me explore my game on social media in a very different way. I was encouraged to make my account public and do weekly polls to interact with the audience and learn about their experience with angry birds. 

Till now my original prototype has worked really well for me, all these weeks i have had enough time to do my research in depth and this has helped me in forming questions to ask my audience in the polls. These weekly instagram polls have also led me to explore angles that i thought did not even exist. Through my polls and questionnaires, i found out that a lot of people played this game because the destruction helped them with their anger issues, it helped them to keep them calm. This was surprising because it was an angle i had never heard about. These polls gave me a chance to talk to people about things that had never been part of a conversation before.

For the following weeks, i have decided to increase my interactions, i will be doing 2-3 posts a week and more questionnaires to find out why this game reached the popularity it did and why do people still feel so nostalgic about it. I talked to a few of my friends and they told me how this game brings up so much nostalgia. In fact when i was doing my polls a lot of my friends replied to my instagram stories saying they were nostalgic. So from this week forward the angle i will be exploring  how this game has made an emotional impact on its audience. 

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