Crafting it all together

Made By Andrea

In my previous blog posts, I have been using the 2019 release of World of Warcraft: Classic to explain a cultural reasoning for its revisitation considering the games’ latest expansion Shadowlands, in 2020 with the help of my own experience as a player of the franchise over the years. I have been fortunate in the fact that it has been one of the most researched games in history from a multitude of angles.

My digital artefact, UnpackingClassic has been examining this game media with a triangular approach through the 3 analytical frameworks of Nostalgia, Participatory media cultures of Construction and the game’s different modalities offered.

My first framework uses the concept of nostalgia which describes the initial nature of a players return to the 15 year old game. While researching the participatory media culture methods of World of Warcraft, two elements that were missing in the original release of the…

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