World Of Participatory Culture

Made By Andrea

WoW has immense active player contribution inside and outside of the game with both being worth a a notable mention. With the aid of Raessen’s (2005) understanding of participatory culture of different elements and the 5 techniques of participation we can observe player culture and actions and their involvement towards the online game of World of Warcraft.

Modifications & add-ons

Modding in World of Warcraft has been implemented through different means over the years. Back in the day mods were found all over the internet and imported manually, now an automated process with CurseForge, a library of mods uploaded by non-blizzard developers. There has been a shift in acceptance and use of mods throughout the years due to the immense need and player appeal of mods or add-ons.

These mods, unlike total conversion mods, are aligned with Blizzard’s EULA…

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