Nostalgic Analysis Part 1 | Nintendogs

Georgie O'Brien

The iconic pink Nintendo DS lite [image via].

Flashback to Christmas 2008, my older brother and I were each gifted a Nintendo DS lite. This was the first gaming console I ever owned, and among the games that I was gifted with it was Nintendogs. Being given the “responsibility” of looking after my own dog, be it a virtual one, was very exciting.

I remember the first dog I ever adopted was a white chihuahua named lulu (yep, all lowercase). lulu and I would soon become inseparable as I set my sights on winning the agility trial. But after re-visiting the game 13 years later, I realised just how much gameplay I was actually missing out on.

About Nintendogs

A wholesome and relaxing game that is centered around taking care of your very own virtual dogs, Nintendogs was first launched in 2005 by Nintendo, with three different versions…

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