Final DA of Angry Bird

Digital Artifact final submission

Thug games

The topic I chose for my Digital artifact is Angry bird. It has over 50 million downloads and also, 200 million minutes of game play each day, Angry Birds and its sequel Angry Birds 2 by Rovio are  two of the most addictive and popular mobile games of their time. While most other games struggle to maintain their place in the increasing app market competition, these two games are still doing great in the market 

The very first Angry bird game was from all the way back in Dec 2009 and within a few weeks this game became popular amongst the public. Within a decade downloads reached from a few millions to 4.5 billion and counting globally. Within a decade from all the games most loved and downloaded games were Angry bird EPIC, Angry bird Star Wars, Angry bird GO, Angry bird transformers, Angry bird 2.

For those who don’t…

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